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Cool ways To Master keywords in SEO – Top 5 Types

WHAT ARE KEYWORDS IN SEO? The words or phrases entered in the search box are called keywords When a word or phrases are entered in the search box the search…


Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing – which is more effective ?

People often deliberate as to which one is better – Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing. However, in today’s global scenario,
we have to admit that digitization is steadily taking over the traditional methods in a lot of industries and fields. From books,
magazines and newspapers to daily banking transactions everything today is digitized. How could Marketing remain untouched under
such circumstances?


Use wordpress org or wordpress com Which is Better?

Are you planning to start a website then WordPress is the best choice to take your business online. But WordPress also offers two choices – one is and second…

truth about blogging picture with a man writing content

Truth about blogging that you are unaware of

We know there are millions of successful bloggers but at the same time, there are trillions of growing bloggers. Some of them are earning a bit but most of them are just in the hope to earn a big.And here lies the truth about blogging

basics of ecommerce website development

learn the basics of ecommerce website development

# Startup with basics of ecommerce website First, decide catchy domain name– (domain is the address to the website it basically represents your IP) the domain name should be a small…


what is a wordpress blog

Many people are confused with the difference between blog and website The blog is like a website but it is some sort of different. A website is partially static, means…


the way to change WordPress theme

Just installed WordPress on your site?? you might have noticed , pre-installed basic theme or child theme is installed.Which is not that great for your website. so you want to…


What is wordpress plugin

it is piece of external code which is added by the third party to enhance wordpress site there are many wordpress plugin like wordpress seo


how to write a blog post – The secret of content writing

On what topic should I write blog post or How to write blog post which is good.
two major techniques to write blog post technical and non technical ,the secret is..


what is hosting

Do you know any businessman or any seller? What they do when they start the business for selling goods. They buy a room, in which they can store their products…


how to buy a domain name step by step

Domain name is address of your website basically which represent your IP address . so what is the purpose of a domain name? It is one of the mostessential component to…


what is a domain name and how to buy domain name ?

What is a domain name when you drive to your friends house or relative house what you find on the map? how exactly can reach your friend’s house or how…