what is hosting

what is a hosting
Do you know any businessman or any seller? What they do when they start the business for selling goods. They buy a room, in which they can store their products or the goods they want to sell. This room or the space in the web is known as web space or thats what is a hosting in web. Which provides a space on the internet for your website. The basic mechanism of the Internet is a link or connection between two or numerous computers. With the help of the internet any person can access the data stored on another server with the help of the connection. But it is not possible always for another computer to be in service 24 hours. That is why the website is stored on a hosting server. so that it can be accessible by anyone 24×7. Hosting adds www. To your domain name, provides space for your website on the internet. There are many types of hosting. On the basis of capability, ram, memory, database, server type etc. Some of them may be useful for a commercial use because of high server type. so you may ask what type of hosting is suitable for me. Just depend on your purpose of the site. Before further explanation, we need to know how many types of hosting servers are there.

different types of hosting

1) shared hosting 

As the name only suggest, it is a sharing type of hosting. many websites are hosted on a single server.


1)It is low cost 

2)Maybe useful for a starter or personal site



As it is the shared type of hosting it may affect your performance of your site.

2) VPS virtual private server 

It is an upgraded type of shared hosting.
A big server as different compartments for a private or separate site. It is a giant version of shared hosting. 


It is better than shared hosting and provides more stability on the server.
Provide more facility and tools.
And can be suitable for intermediate website holders


It is costly as compared to shared hosting
And working on it is bit complex

3) dedicated server 

As the name only suggest it is dedicated for a particular. It is a separate server for a single site. 

As it is for a particular website all the problems of the shared is neglected.
The data stealing and downtime are removed in this type of server. 

It is the most costly site server
Which is suitable for export or stabilized website business.

There are many another type of hosting servers like the cloud, resellers etc

Which hosting is suitable for me or which is the best hosting
It totally depends on the purpose of your site and the usability you want. If you are a beginner and won’t able to spend many high prices on the hosting you may choose shared hosting.

 If you are intermediate or has some knowledge to work you may choose VPS.
And if you need the high server, high-quality high performance. You may go with a dedicated server

If you want to set up a WordPress website
Or any website you may need two components 

domain and hosting. These are the essential requirements for the site to work.

how to buy a domain name step by step

how to buy a domain name

Domain name is addressed to your website basically which represent your IP address . so what is the purpose of a domain nameIt is one of the mostessential component to build a website. There are varieties of the domain name, some of them are according to the purpose of the site. While others are based on the country, for example, dot-com denotes commercial and .in denotes India.you need to know how to buy a domain name before building a website.

 Domain name is the first impression of your website and it is also one of the factors for the search engine. Choosing a domain name is not a difficult task, but it should be relevant to your future website. 

for example, if you looking to build a website on bakery and you choose a domain name containing car (carxyz.com) it would be irrelevant in the subject to the matter present in your website.

 So it would affect your ranking. 

Now when you have decided to choose a particular domain name and also you have decided which type of domain may choose. You need to know the steps to buy a domain name.

How can to buy a domain name step by step explanation?

1) availability of a domain name

domain search
First with the help of domain searcher, look at the availability of domain name which you are planning to buy.  There may be a possibility that you are not able to find. or your domain name is not available. In that case, you may try to change the extension of the domain name, like example.com to example.in or example.org. But if you want .com only you may try to change your body of the domain name. ie, expampler.com or exampilation.com etc. You can add some of the keywords to check the availability of the domain name.

2) find a domain broker

Search for some of the domain brokers according to your country currency.
Make a list of them and search the same domain is available on this site or not.
Also, check what price they provide, or If they are providing any promotion code or an offer.

3) check for the lowest price

cheapest domain

There are many cases in which, the same domain name is available for the different price, on the different places. So just look which side is providing the maximum offer. Or the cheapest price.
You can also search in the search engine with the keyword” cheapest domain name or cheapest .com domain name” etc.

4) look for a final promotion code

promo code to buy domain

There are many sites which provide promotion code or coupon code. Search for these codes and try to apply on the checkout page.

5) check out

domain name payment

Provide the correct information of your name, address, phone number. On the billing page. It would be important for communication and also these detail will represent your authority on the domain name.

 After filling your personal information set up the account information on the respective site. A verification email will be sent, verify it and then check output the respective amount. 

Many payment options which you can perceive according to your comfort. for example MasterCard, credit card, internet banking, wallets etc.

6) new account information on the email

email account info

After the successful payment, you will receive an email of your new account information. 

There you will get All information of your domain name. Your server ID. Your domain control panel link. Your user id and password.

 Your mail server and all other information about your new domain name. You can log in to the account they have provided. You can set up or change the name server if you have bought hosting from another website.

If you have not bought hosting you will not be able to set up your site.

If you have brought domain and hosting together, there will be no problem of changing the name server as it will be automatically mapped by the company. these were the procedure to buy domain name step by step
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note:- we dont suggest any domain company or review any . all links internal are for information purpose we dont use any affilated link because our purpose is to provide best information to readers not make money by fooling them 

what is a domain name and how to buy domain name ?

What is a domain name

when you drive to your friends house or relative house what you find on the map?
how exactly can reach your friend’s house or how do you know where your friend exactly live. With the help of address, you remember the house.

exactly, what is a domain name. it is an address to your website.

now if I ask you that my friends live at 1.3 456 7.1 89 8.8 798. would it be an easier task to remember it and approach it.

Or if I say block A in New Delhi,

I think it would be more convenient to remember it. exactly what is a domain name? Basically, a it represents your internet protocol that is IP.

It is a set of numbers(ip) over which a domain is mapped, to make it  convenient for users to visit a site and remember the address of the site.

Usually, domain  contains your name of the website which can have alphabets or numbers. Creating a short and catchy name would be preferable for the users to experience.

it  has two parts Main domain and subdomain and an extension such as .com.in .desi etc

Usually, domain can be a combination of numbers and letters. shorter domain  is  considered as a premium domain, firstly it is short to Remember and sencondly it is  rarely available.

Types of the domain name

The set of classifications

TLDs that is the top level domain

gTLD that is generic top-level domain

for example, .com .org which stands for commercial, organization .then we have cctld which stands for the country code top-level domain , for example, .in which stands for India.. Second level domain .SLD  are a low level  for example.co.in

Basically, the domain  is a part of a URL ie uniform resource locater
It is a component of URL next to www (world wide web)dot
The full component of a URL is
1)  hypertext transfer protocol secure or non secure
2) host interference world wide web www
3)The domain name body

Which can have alphabet or letters?  And length of the domain name?

longest domain name is known was of 63 characters and the shortest domain name is of single character. shorter the domain name rarest its availability

The domain name Is like your fingers prints no one can hold two similar to the same or exactly same name and domain extension. You have to pay the yearly price to own any domain

A good domain name is which is shorter in length. and also it has high  visibility on a search engine.

if your domain contains your focus keyword it would be a plus point for ranking, so think before choosing the domain name. Read this guide how to choose SEO friendly domain name.

How to buy a domain name

After you have read all about what is a domain name, you need to know how can you purchase a domain name. There are many domain name provider on the internet which sells the domain name at different prices. you just need to find a suitable website.

which provides you the cheapest price.

Go to the search engine type ” how to buy a domain name ” just check for different sites which provide you cheapest price. moreover Before proceeding towards the cart just read the terms and conditions for it .

there are many instances for which price  changes in the checkout. this is due to some sellers policy. they attract user by not providing the complete information.

For example, on a website, say  .com is sold for 300 rupees or $5 per year.

but only if you buy a hosting with it or valid only if you buy for 2 years.

In conclusion ,Now before proceeding towards the checkout just reconfirm that  the lowest price.

there main 2 components to make a website

  1. domain
  2.  hosting

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