basics of ecommerce website development

learn the basics of ecommerce website development

# Startup with basics of ecommerce website

First, decide catchy domain name– (domain is the address to the website it basically represents your IP)

the domain name should be a small representing your website idea and should be according to your country or just for ecommerce website development,

example .in stands for India, but most of the top e-commerce have .com which stands for commercial.

How to buy a domain name

Just search for a domain name providing site, enter a domain name.

check its availability and just pay after that they will provide your control panel.
Now, look for hosting provider and browse a good plan according to your need. there are many plans which provide free hosting with domain

Strengthening The Base of ecommerce website

now it’s time for your website design you have two ways either code a website in the language like HTML, PHP, Java, CSS etc or hire a person who can code this for you.

It may cost you high for starter around 5-10k rs and it may not have a good design. So another way is to take the support of CMS that is a content management system.

Working on a CMS is quite cheap and very easy. You can use CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc.

So if you have a small business I highly recommend you to work on a CMS it is very easy to work and does not require any coding skill.

It is easy to access and provide many theme or design for your choice it also has plugins for your extra work.
Now your work starts from here, if you choose WordPress or other before moving to next after setting up just take pen and paper and draw the structure of your website.pages, content position every single thing on the paper make a blueprint of your site

learn the basics of ecommerce website development 1

Tips for Ecommerce website development

CHOOSE BEST responsible theme and set up with this basic page.

Now you will have a question what to write in these basic pages.

In about you ,should provide a brief background and working with your company. it should contain Your company’s idea and working, startup and all about you and provide a reason why you are best.

Next basic page is contact page provides the main page where buyers can contact you.

It should contain your company address email location contact number etc and you should also have to build your privacy and terms and condition page.
Build a brief product category with parent and subcategories
It’s all about your design and structure.

Increase visibility on search engine.

Now the most important thing your business on the search engine. Submit your site URL to all search engine – Google, Bing, Yandex yahoo etc. Set up the Search Console account and do the verification process.

Now all done just you need to do SEO which is search engine optimization {very important}.
Other things to work for ecommerce website

  • Do a proper SEO
  • Backlinks for site
  • for security add SSL to your site
  • Use Ad Words and other marketing for your products
  • Build a social media like facebook, Instagram etc profile for your business

this was all about basics of ecommerce website of which one should know before starting ecommerce website


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