change WordPress theme

the way to change WordPress theme

change WordPress theme

Just installed WordPress on your site??

you might have noticed , pre-installed basic theme or child theme is installed.
Which is not that great for your website.

so you want to change WordPress right.

here is the way to change WordPress theme.

step by step procedure to change your current wordpress theme

  1. Login to your WordPress site admin panel
    By just adding /wp-admin.php after your domain name
  2. Now on the left-hand side, you will see a panel under that you will find appearance and then at the top click on select themes
  3. Then click on add new
  4. Browse the thing you like and click on install after that click on activate
  5. Now the installed theme will appear on the page set it as your theme

If you want to change WordPress theme from an external source you can download your WordPress theme and follow this step number 3 then click on upload themes here upload your zip file, install it

Summary to change wordpress theme

Login> admin panel> appearance> themes> add new> install> activate.


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