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Truth about blogging that you are unaware of

We know there are millions of successful bloggers but at the same time, there are trillions of growing bloggers. Some of them are earning a bit but most of them are just in the hope to earn a big.And here lies the truth about blogging

We know there are millions of successful bloggers but at the same time, there are trillions of growing bloggers. Some of them are earning a bit but most of them are just in the hope to earn a big.And here lies the truth about blogging

You know there are mainly two reasons to start a blog:

1) if a person wants to be a good writer

In this case, the person starts a blog for his passion to write. he wants to show his writing skills to the world. he wants to be a great influencer. but He never started to earn

2) if a person wants to earn money from the blog

In this case, he saw a successful blogger earning a lot of money. And thought that he can also start a blog To earn money.

it Is the truth from somewhere you saw or read about a blogger who is earning a lot of money. from there you too started a blog but what is the condition of the blog, you are giving a lot of time and money in it but what results you are getting nothing.

so what is the real truth about blogging that you are unaware of

1) start, write, earn

These three words are spontaneous. You start a blog and write some post. And you will earn money. But it is not so easy there is a lot of gap between these three stages. And many of the bloggers think “good start, good post, good money”
But the truth about blogging is we really don’t know how to start a blog.
It is not simply about buying a domain, hosting and developing a site. As GrowMap says most of the people start at the wrong stage.they Start with stage number 4 which is content.

What are the techniques a successful blogger use is
From the starting of the blog. They focus on building a brand, from the first post they focus on on-page SEO.

They focus on off page SEO as well as building social media Even backlinks. Relationship with other bloggers, they never thought to rise alone. With the help of others with others, they rise and it is the truth of bloggers. but only some works on this principal

2) I will earn from the day first

Many of us think I have started a blog and soon I will earn money. It is the harsh truth about blogging.

It requires patience, technically speaking, here is the secret of Google algorithm for the search engine. They always prefer the site which has greater authority. and to get that authority you need time.

When Google will feel your blog is safe and authorize, automatically you will rise. Domain authority is the aspect of it, which requires time

Now why time? And how much time?

Because the old is gold. Older your blog more authorized it will be
And for building backlinks you need time. So how much time
At least take a span of 6 months. In which the blog should have quality articles and quality backlinks.

3) content is King

If you are a blogger you have heard this line many times. It is true but not true

However, for a starter blog, it is definitely not true.
Let me give an example: Compare two blogs, one which has a domain authority of 50 and another 1-month-old blog.

Both of them wrote an article on the same topic. 1-month-old Blog has 100 times better post than a blog with authority 50. but The post of the blog with authority 50 is ranking on top and 1-month-old blog is seen nowhere.

So there is something which is overpowering the quality of content. Right, that is an authority

So on the day 1 focus on building authority and at the same time write good articles. This is a situation when many of the bloggers fail and it is the truth about blogging.

From the starting onwards they use their full energy to write good articles. But because of not getting good results they quit. So my dear bloggers understand the situation even you have a good content base but not good off the page it will take the longest time to grow. It is the truth of bloggers and the secret which no one tells.

4) get approval from AdSense and your life is set

Many of the bloggers start the Blog with the aim to get approved by Adsense.
They believe if they have as they will earn, it is the harshest truth about blogging. You are starting is wrong. You aim to build money, not the audience.

so from the first day trying to focus to build an audience base. If you have a good audience space. There are many ways to earn from it. AdSense is one of them.

There are many cases in which bloggers use energy to build a blog compatible with AdSense. And they get approval from it. But what next, they even don’t get one visitor a day. So the ads are useless. Your blog is useless if you don’t have an audience


You see successful bloggers but you don’t know the real success behind them.
They show how much they are earning. But they never tell you how much they have worked, how much time they have invested.

And the truth of starting a blog is continuity. You get attracted by the income the successful blogger shows.

And decide to start a blog but you soon realize I am not earning. Because you started in the wrong way. So at the end most important point, never do what others tell.

Experiment on your own. Because they also really don’t know the truth of blogging.


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