wordpress.org or wordpress.com which is better

Use wordpress org or wordpress com Which is Better?

Are you planning to start a website then WordPress is the best choice to take your business online. But WordPress also offers two choices – one is WordPress.org and second is WordPress.com. You may think these two platforms are similar because both the options will help you to design your website. This article will guide you to choose from these two platforms, which to use WordPress.org or WordPress.com .

What is WordPress.org ?

WordPress.org is also known as self hosted solution and open source content management system as well. It’s an open source that can be used by anyone to design the website or blog at free of cost. The WordPress platform is useful for all types of websites.

To utilize Managed WordPress Hosting Canada for your website, you’ve to manually download the WordPress software from the source website that is WordPress.org and then upload it to your web hosting server. It’s a famous and widely used CMS worldwide. Most of the web hosting companies offer one – click installation of WordPress and this makes it easy to install and start using it. Your web hosting provider installs WordPress on the server. Therefore, it’s called as ‘Self – Hosted’ solution.

Most of the web hosting companies offer one – click installation of WordPress and this makes it easy to install and start using it. Your web hosting provider installs WordPress on the server. Therefore, it’s called as ‘Self – Hosted‘ solution.

What is WordPress.Com ?

WordPress.com is accessed by the web development company – Automatic.

WordPress.com is a commercial website that allows users to develop and host a website or blog on their servers.

You get two options for developing the website – one is you can create for free and second is to hire a developer to design full – fledged platform for developing a website or blog.

If your website or blog is hosted on the server of WordPress.com, that by default comprises of installed WordPress. Therefore, it’s known as a ‘hosted solution’.

Which One Is Better wordpress.org or wordpress.com ?

I will highlight the comparison pointers that will help you to take your decision easily for your website or blog .

  1. wordpress.org or wordpress.com both are available at free of cost but if you exceed the 3 GB space in the WordPress.com then you have to reduce your work to manage the space or update it to WordPress.org. In short, it’s not free for life time.
  2. User gets more authority in WordPress.org. Whereas, WordPress.com has some restrictions on its usage. If you are thinking to make career in blogging for long term then considering the WordPress.org is beneficial for you as a blogger. You get complete hosting service in self – hosted WordPress website. In which, you install WordPress with the help of one click installation tool that is known as Softaculous. wordpress.org and wordpress.com working is same but have some differences
  3. WordPress.org users can opt for plugins and custom themes. In WordPress.org, you get full freedom of utilizing the wide range of plugins to boost the performance of self – hosted website. Plus, you can also utilize custom themes and alter the same as per the demand. While WordPress.com doesn’t offer such privileges in comparison to WordPress.org.
  4. The major difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.org is that the former permits you to operate your own ads and make money out of it. Same in WordPress.com, you don’t have control on the ads. They will run any ads without taking your prior permission. You’re completely restricted to run ad on your website. In case, you think to make ad free website then you’ve to pay to WordPress.com for this.
  5. The websites or blogs those are using WordPress.com miss the opportunity of using custom analytics software. You’re allowed to use in-build software of WordPress.com. If you choose WordPress.org then you can avail all the benefits of any custom analytics software.
  6. The main disadvantage of using WordPress.com is that they can delete your website or blog anytime, if they notice that you’re stretching their guidelines. It means, the efforts which you have taken to set up your website will get vanished within a few clicks only. In such case, WordPress.org is suitable for your website or blog.
  7. In WordPress.com, though you update the custom domain, make your site ad – free and choose custom design upgrade to make your website superior, you don’t get full authority to control your website or blog. On the other side in WordPress.org, you can purchase a domain name and hosting plan from a provider like MilesWeb and develop a self – hosted website or blog to avail full authority of the

Conclusion – wordpress.org or wordpress.com which is better ?

You can opt for any platform or any CMS or any site builder to design your
website, as both wordpress.org and wordpress.com are meant for building websites. But make sure that you’re not getting restricted for expansion of the
website or blog. However, choosing the WordPress.org is always a better
decision, instead of getting a free service for a small period of time.


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