what is a wordpress blog
what is a wordpress blog

what is a wordpress blog

what is a wordpress blog
what is a wordpress blog

Many people are confused with the difference between blog and website

The blog is like a website but it is some sort of different. A website is partially static,

means it has a content, it provides a service can be sort of application.

Whereas a blog is dynamic in which the owner induces content at a regular interval of time.

It also has readers interference in that. example The blog is like a weekly magazine which comes to your door updated with new articles.

wordpress blog is open source cms controlled by wordpress.org and wordpress.com

Now why WordPress, if you are a non-technical person and want to start up your own blog, the best approach is a CMS, CMS stands for content management system you don’t need any technical coding skills to develop a website or blog.

There are many CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, osClass etc. What’s the reason for choosing a WordPress blog?

it is huge platforms which provide many features like pre-designed structures or themes? And also provides millions of plugins.

Now before starting a blog, you need to have some basic knowledge of it

how to build a wordpress blog?

Every computer has unique IP (internet protocol) it is like a number. Which represent your site address.

Now just imagine if you have to search a website which has an address with difficult numbers to Remember like this 1120:54:353.

andYou would say yesterday I visited 121…  Site, imagine how difficult thesituation will be to handle. So for this, we have the domain name

In simple language domain name is the address or the URL to your website, it basically represents your IP address.

It contain different extensions like .in, .com, .org , .blog, according to your website type. like . Com represent commercial, .in represent the country India.

how to choose a domain name

if you have a website on movies, choose a domain name which has relation with movies, for example, movies.com atoZmovies.com etc.

Having the keyword movies in your domain increase your SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)

And will have a good impression on the web. Don’t use unrelating domain names, or too long domain names, or some typical sort of. Like you have a website of movies and you are using domain name onlinegames.com it won’t work as a good website.

Try to have a short or medium size domain.Now how to buy and where to buy the domain. You just need to search on Google for the domain providers. Enter the site, check the availability of your the domain name and just see an offer on it. Order, pay and done. After your successful payment, you will receive an email which contains your order information and has account details and domain control panel link. Further, we will see the use of domain control panel.

  • 2) hosting

After the  process of the domain name, you need a web hosting. web hosting is basically a server which host, or show your domain on world web and provide space for your website.

on the web There are many free and paid hosting services And different types too, like shared hosting, dedicated hosting etc,

if you want to develop a blog you need a small package, as you need a small server shared hosting will be of the best option for you.

so , The procedure for buying a hosting is quite as similar to buying a domain name. in fact, there are many companies which provide a free domain with hosting. therefore You can also choose this type of offers or package.

setting up a hosting

If you buy hosting a domain from the same website,  Then no worry. But sometimes people prefer to buy a domain from another company and hosting from another.

So what problem they face is of connecting the domain and hosting together. For this, you need to change the name server of the domain to the new hosting company’s name server to map the domain name with the hosting.

When you buy a hosting they will provide the main control panel for your hosting which will be the main operating center for all. They will mail you the details for that.

these above are essentials to build a wordress blog

how to start a wordpress blog for free?

Many people directly approach the WordPress website for creating a blog. they

areoffered two options, first make a website on the subdomain ofwordpress.com(xyz.wordpress.com) which is free. But if you need your own domainname it will cost you some dollars.

But if you want to set up your own domain on WordPress without paying here is an option.

Just log in to your hosting c panel, you will found softcualous installer there, just click on it and search for WordPress, install WordPress with the details like admin email, password etc. Just give blank the directory as if you will enter something your site will work in that particular directory(xyz.com/BLOG)

Andyou can also leave the database area if you don’t have the knowledge.

It will provide a URL to your admin login with admin username and password.

further go to


Just click on it and enter your username and password you will be logged into WordPress dashboard. Now where you can manage themes, plugins for your blog

Visibility on search engine

Afterthe successful startup of the WordPress, you need to submit your site to thesearch engine. Without that, your site will not appear on the search engine.

Hereare some links to the top search engines, just go to these links and enter yourwebsite URL, do a verification and done.





YAnd there are many search engine as well you can also submit to 


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