how to write a blog post

how to write a blog post – The secret of content writing

On what topic should I write blog post or How to write blog post which is good.
two major techniques to write blog post technical and non technical ,the secret is..

how to write a blog post -The secret of content writing

write blog post

Hey friends, there are many questions about content writing, SEO writing or simply writing for your website or blog in your mind. for

example how to write a blog post or an article.

• On what topic should I write a blog post?
• How to write a blog post which is good enough to attract readers?
• Do my post is SEO friendly, or search engine friendly?
• Or how to write SEO friendly content?

I know if you are a blogger you might have faced these type of questions in. blog post writing needs some sort of technique to enhance the quality of content. further,

I don’t want to involve many complex terms in this post or I don’t like to stretch words for explaining the basic idea. Here I am broadly classifying the content writing in two major techniques.

A technical and non-technical approach to content writing

Non-technical approach to write a blog post

As the word suggests it does not require much technical skill for writing. the recipe for it is –

  • 1 kg topic knowledge 

  • 500 g words from your heart 

  • 100g writing skill 

Properly blend with your brain and serve hot on the page.

The non-technical approach is basically your simple ideas on the page. And a famous sentence “write for humans, not for search engine“.

Exactly, always create originality in your content. don’t try to modify, to increase visibility on search engine.

no smart tricks as the search engines are much smarter than you.

how to write a blog post  ? ?

1) Topic analysis 

how to choose topic to write a blog post

As I always say take a deep knowledge of what you are writing. Choose a topic which you are comfortable with. but a blogger should we versatile in writing. Anyways, take some points and make a structure before starting to write a blog post

If you have a question, on which topic should I write a blog post, the simple answer is written on a topic which you have a knowledge, or if you think you are a versatile writer,

just check the Google Trend for a trendy topic and get started Writing the content Try to add these points while writing your content.

 2) informativeness-

It means to write a blog post which is useful for readers and provide the information clearly. Don’t try to mess up all the things make a clear statement that should be easily understood. If your content does not provide the required information it would be a bad impression for The Reader.

for example- if you write blog post on a topic say “how to make a blog on WordPress” you are writing a long text on it,

mentioning the whole process but you are not concentrating on the main topic and writing about here and there, ”how to earn from blog”, ” how to write a blog post

Many people often try to elaborate small things. so that they can increase the quantity of the content.

by this they try to repeat the data, again and again, lose the interest of readers.

3 ) Talk about the topic-

stick to your topic and don’t try to act smarter in front of readers.
Present the important points about the topic, try to make them easier so that it looks more effective.

If we see the structure of a topic it should have the introductory part, which contains a brief introduction to your content topic. then comes your body part where you can add several things like examples, case studies, analysis.

and at last, make a conclusion so that readers get a summary of your content. many times,

some readers do not like to spend more time reading your whole content, providing a conclusion or summary will help them.

To relate. For example, if you write blog post on the topic “which is the best CMS WordPress or Joomla”

and you have given the whole comparison on your opinion. so at the end Just provide a conclusion to it, why you feel that it is better.

4) Attractive blog writing

– it means  write a blog post in a way that  attracts the readers or makes the blog post interesting.

Imagine if I give you 1000 words matter written on a topic which seems like a boring page of directory book you will never ever try to peep in the book.

so write  blog post in any style which makes your content attractive and interesting. for example, use your personal experience, stories or addressing language like how I am talking to you.

Add some humor to your content which will definitely attract readers. You can also use some funny language or humorous language.

Technical blog writing

I am not here writing on cracks of SEO writing but giving the general idea to provide a container which is SEO friendly

seo friendly post

 1) Quantity

It is well known that if you want to rank your page you should write a blog post at least a thousand words. Yes, it plays a role in determining your page rank.

But it is not a hard and fast rule that you have to always write a blog post thousand Words or above basically what you want is quality over quantity

2) structure the data

– what the readers want is a content which is easily readable. So use appropriate headings with H1 H2 H3 tags. Try to make sentence short. Write error-free and punctuation and grammar edited content

Change the paragraph leave some space. so that it doesn’t look like a whole content written in one para.

Links in the content is necessary for the readers as well as the search engine.

3) linking- 

As you all know the basic procedure for crawling involve links. So add necessary links between the words which interlinked between your blog post as well as outside. (internal and external links) don’t add unnecessary links which may irritate the user.

Don’t try to fool users to drive traffic to other websites (backlinks) or add referral or advertising link.
4) learn to use these three (meta description, keyword, title)

Title- make interesting title which attracts the user and forces them to click on it. The title should be related to your content. Add your focus keyword in the title or at the starting of the title.

meta description– make a short description of your title involving a summarised portion with your focus keyword.

focus keyword– search a focus keyword related to your content you can do this by Google keyword planner and other free tools. Search for the volume density
And other.
This was all about the secret of content writing. The thing which should be noted is to make an original content with your style readers doesn’t require a complex SEO content rather they want a content Which is unique and helpful.

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